At Macfarlane Legal Works we understand that a motorcycle accident is different from a typical auto accident.  Kelly Macfarlane lost his own leg in a motorcycle accident at the age of 17 and has had a passion for helping others who have been injured in similar circumstances.

The comparatively small and unprotected design of motorcycles often results in traffic accidents with more severe injuries.  Motorcycles are more difficult to see than larger vehicles, and the details of a motorcycle accident are often harder to pin down.  Macfarlane Legal Works can retain the necessary experts to reconstruct the dynamics of your accident, and help make questions of liability clear.  The insights that our team will bring can help you defend your right to recovery.

If you or someone you know has been injured while on a motorcycle, contact an attorney who will really understand what you’re going through.  An attorney who knows how to protect your right to compensation, and who will do it all at a fair price.  Contact Macfarlane Legal Works today.